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COPD Prognosis COPD Prognosis
Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment Options For Patients Who Have Received A Negative COPD Prognosis.

COPD Prognosis Severe COPD Prognosis
Timely Treatment Of COPD Can Postpone And Deter A More Severe COPD Prognosis By Doctors.

COPD Prognosis Advanced COPD Prognosis
The Advanced COPD Prognosis And What To Expect When A Loved One Has Been Given This Diagnosis.

COPD Prognosis Mild COPD Prognosis
You've Gotten A Mild COPD Prognosis From Your Doctor And Need To Know What It Is.

COPD Prognosis Early COPD Prognosis
Early COPD Prognosis Increases With Early Diagnosis And Aggressive Treatment- The Earlier The Diagnosis The Better The Prognosis.

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Severe COPD Prognosis

Timely Treatment Of COPD Can Postpone And Deter A More Severe COPD Prognosis By Doctors.

Patients who do not follow recommendations by their doctors face a bleak severe COPD prognosis. Severe COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the fourth leading cause of death and second leading cause of disability in the United States. It is important to diagnosis and treat COPD early before the condition becomes worse. Ignoring recommended treatment options, however, such as continuing to smoke, causes the disease to progress rapidly. A severe COPD prognosis means the patient has a 50% survival rate within five years. 12 million people suffer from COPD in the United States and it is suspected that 12 million more people have it, but dont know it. Symptoms of severe COPD (stage 3) include a chronic cough with excessive mucus, difficulty breathing and drastic weight loss. A severe COPD prognosis often means the patient may experience diminished lung functioning as low as 30% to 49%. More than 120,000 deaths a year are caused from severe COPD.

When caught early, treatment options can prevent a severe COPD prognosis. Patients may have to take medication or make necessary lifestyle changes such as participating in a daily physical regime and performing prescribed breathing exercises. Once COPD progresses to stage 3, however, the choices for treatment become more urgent. A patient with severe COPD struggles to breathe and may become significantly weaker. The patient may be forced to consider lung surgery or oxygen treatment in order to survive. A severe COPD prognosis usually means immediate and drastic action must be taken. Patients are wise to prevent the disease from progressing to that point. The best way to prevent a severe COPD prognosis is for smokers to quit as soon as they are diagnosed with the disease.

A severe COPD prognosis can be grim due to complications from the disease. Heart or lung failure may result from the strain on the body due to the lack of sufficient airflow into and out of the body. When air is not exhaled completely, carbon dioxide increases in the blood stream and oxygen decreases causing the body to produce too many red blood cells. The resulting condition called polythemia vera can cause a severe COPD prognosis in which death is imminent for about half of its sufferers in less than two years time. Other complications arising from the progression of COPD includes heart and lung failure. The patient given a severe COPD prognosis may have heart arrhythmias or contract lung cancer. People diagnosed with COPD should treat the disease as completely and early as possible according to doctors recommendations. Immediate response most likely will postpone the life threatening conditions that arise from severe COPD improving the survival chances of the patient.

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